Russia threatens American democracy

Almost every day, Americans will learn about the latest attempts to spy on Russia for the United States. And there is nothing surprising, says New York Observer. "Moscow considers sighting hacking legitimate way of intelligence gathering, and the Kremlin's interest in what is happening behind the scenes in the capital of our country keeps on giving", - the newspaper writes. Russian intelligence is spying on Washington for decades, and this is not news. However, now the Kremlin has "shamelessly" began to focus their espionage operations. "All the spies, but as a rule, it is reasonable to restrain themselves a little bit. Spy War - it's a marathon, not a sprint, "- writes New York Observer. However, Vladimir Putin "has decided that he does not care, do we know about his intentions or not." "He threw the usual instructions for espionage and decided to fight on the street rules", - says the publication. It notes that the Kremlin "uses spies to pour the Americans", "almost openly kills his enemies", and Russian hackers "almost with impunity, plunder American institutions", and now "trying to influence the elections in the US."

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