Putin and downed MN17

"How much rope does not curl" ... I think that Vladimir Putin has repeatedly recalled the Russian proverb, after he learned of the destruction of their military Malaysian civil aircraft. Putin's mainmistake - not that he shot down the aircraft. It is not a bug, it is - a crime. Putin's main mistake - is that he is not guilty.            
Vladimir Putin began to play. He had smelled the taste of bloodand drunk from this stupefying any small flavor of the dictator. Helost the ability to think about the future, about the consequences -even if he were once the rudiments of this ability, marking the onlyreal politician, not someone else's accident on the throne. He thought only about how to use the tragedy for the benefit ofthemselves - and to the detriment of Ukraine. But not until then did not guess.                                                                                                                                       liga.net

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