Putin and downed MN17

"How much rope does not curl" ... I think that Vladimir Putin has repeatedly recalled the Russian proverb, after he learned of the destruction of their military Malaysian civil aircraft. Putin's mainmistake - not that he shot down the aircraft. It is not a bug, it is - a crime. Putin's main mistake - is that he is not guilty.            
Vladimir Putin began to play. He had smelled the taste of bloodand drunk from this stupefying any small flavor of the dictator. Helost the ability to think about the future, about the consequences -even if he were once the rudiments of this ability, marking the onlyreal politician, not someone else's accident on the throne. He thought only about how to use the tragedy for the benefit ofthemselves - and to the detriment of Ukraine. But not until then did not guess.                                                                                                                                       liga.net


Russia kills in Syria

Картинки по запросу русские бомбардировщикиUS Permanent Representative Samantha Power speaks of the "barbarism" of the Russian military. UK spokesman Matthew Rycroft said that "it is Russia's actions prolong the conflict and suffering." The French representative Francois Lattre also spoke about the war crimes in Aleppo. The fact that if Russia does not give up its actions, it becomes an accomplice of war crimes before the Security Council told French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault. A Minister Boris Johnson said on Foreign Affairs that the "Putin regime does not just give into the hands of Assad revolver. In some cases, he fires his revolver. Russian themselves involved in this. " Johnson said that if the UN humanitarian convoy was bombed deliberately, it is - a war crime.


Russia threatens American democracy

Almost every day, Americans will learn about the latest attempts to spy on Russia for the United States. And there is nothing surprising, says New York Observer. "Moscow considers sighting hacking legitimate way of intelligence gathering, and the Kremlin's interest in what is happening behind the scenes in the capital of our country keeps on giving", - the newspaper writes. Russian intelligence is spying on Washington for decades, and this is not news. However, now the Kremlin has "shamelessly" began to focus their espionage operations. "All the spies, but as a rule, it is reasonable to restrain themselves a little bit. Spy War - it's a marathon, not a sprint, "- writes New York Observer. However, Vladimir Putin "has decided that he does not care, do we know about his intentions or not." "He threw the usual instructions for espionage and decided to fight on the street rules", - says the publication. It notes that the Kremlin "uses spies to pour the Americans", "almost openly kills his enemies", and Russian hackers "almost with impunity, plunder American institutions", and now "trying to influence the elections in the US."


Russia threatens the security of the American and the European continent

Картинки по запросу русские ядерные ракеты
If Russia does not radically change its policy, in the foreseeable future will continue to be a "threat to the security of our continent", it said in the draft text of the "White Paper" government of Germany, dedicated to the issues of security policy. According to the authors of the text developed by the Ministry of Defense of Germany and transmitted through other relevant agencies, Russia turned its back on the West, becoming a partner of the opponent.